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"IQ Wars" is one of the most dynamic IQ tournaments and trivia game available which is based on the concept of online poker tournaments. It has some features that make it unique among other online IQ and trivia games:

  • live multiplayer IQ tournaments
  • poker-like rules
  • human prepared content
  • different strategies to win
  • win credits, prizes

Unlike other trivia games in IQ Wars you not only show your knowledge or intelligence, but actually play the game against your opponents.

All tournaments except SNG are prepared by our team. It means that we manually select questions for each tournament and define other tournament parameters.

All questions (with exception of some SNG questions) are prepared by us. It means that we estimate each question and define his type, individual time limit and other parameters.

Dynamic response. IQ Wars is very dynamic by it's nature and you are not only just answering the questions but also playing against other players with your status and position changing dynamically after each answer.

Strategy involved. With different types of tournaments player can use different strategies. For example in Hints tournaments (see "Game Types" below) player who is trailing behind might use more risky "less hints" strategy to generate more points.

Install instructions

Windows: Just run Setup.exe file. IQ Wars will be installed in you All programs. Important: in WIndows 8/8.1/10 it might be that after new version is issued it might appear Security Window warning during installation. Just press "More Information" and "Run Anyway".

Linux/Mac: Please email us for Linux/Mac versions. Or you can extract (7z tool, for example) executable jar from Setup.exe file and just double click it.


Setup.exe 39 MB

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